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We will help you prepare necessary legal documents to manage your assets when you pass away, and to describe how you want your health and financial decisions managed if you are unable to do so for yourself during your lifetime. The process will include instructions for asset distribution to loved ones/heirs and settling estate taxes, if applicable. Our goal is create an estate plan that will:
• Help minimize taxes and probate fees
• Ensure your family will have less to worry about when you are gone
• Eliminate complications for your loved ones.


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A Power of Attorney (“POA”) gives another person or organization the power to handle a client’s assets and financial affairs if the client becomes incapacitated. We can help identify an individual, someone you can trust, to keep your best interests at heart. We can tailor a POA to name someone who is responsible, knowledgeable and experienced to look after your financial and legal affairs and sign documents on your behalf.

An Advance Health Care Directive (“AHCD”) (a living will or medical directive) is a document that instructs others about your medical care if you are unable to make decisions on your own. Because a medical crisis could leave a client (regardless of age) too ill to make healthcare decisions, advanced planning is recommended. Planning for future health care needs is important to ensure you get the medical care you would want if you are unable to speak for yourself and doctors and family members are making decisions for you. After you discuss your wishes with loved ones we can create a AHCD to ensure decisions regarding your future medical care will reflect your values and desires.

 Preparing a Last Will and Testament (“Will”) is the simplest way to ensure your assets and property will be distributed according to your wishes after you die. Your Will:


  • Names a trusted person to manage your property
  • Names a personal representative
  • Specifies individuals/organizations to receive your property
  • Names a person as guardian over your minor children (if necessary).